Lom is designed for uncompromising performance during activities that require endurance and where extra protection is needed. The shape provides excellent coverage and ultimate protection from wind, dust or other objects. Of course, with complete UV protection. Produced from lightweight bio-based materials of the highest quality, Lom is extremely durable and comfortable during long ski touring or bike missions.

Unleash your need for speed with "Klinger", Our fastest style yet! Klinger features a lightweight frame constructed from our signature bio-based polyamide and world-class lenses from Zeiss, making it perfect for flying down the trail. The lens has been carefully cut to a minimum to shave off precious grams, while still providing crucial protection from both radiation and objects. Klinger is fully adjustable with temples and dual nose pads, and built with light yet durable components for outstanding comfort during long mountain missions and beyond.

Experience top-of-the-line performance eyewear with Blankster. Our streamlined and optimized lens shape provides the highest level of lightweight protection and comfort, stopping harmful rays before they reach your retina. Designed for speed with a close wrap around your head, Blankster is the perfect partner for any adventure. Whether you're skiing, cycling, or engaging in other outdoor activities, Blankster is built for extended active use and offers unparalleled versatility.

Find your perfect fit with Null performance eyewear. Our rounded frame shape is designed to suit a wide range of faces, drawing inspiration from classical and proven sports sunglasses. We've updated this timeless design with our state-of-the-art bio-based materials and modern lens technology, resulting in exceptional fit and unbeatable performance.

Experience the ultimate protection during your outdoor adventures with Blank. Our snug-fitting design provides full coverage from unwanted radiation, wind, and objects, while remaining lightweight and comfortable during high-paced activity. The lens shape is engineered for maximized coverage, ensuring you never miss a moment of the action. Built for extended active use, Blank is incredibly versatile and a trusted partner for any adventure. Whether you're skiing, cycling, or engaging in other outdoor activities, Blank has got you covered.

Find the perfect fit and protection for your next adventure with Anjan. Our signature design offers an optimized fit for a wide range of facial shapes and provides great protection for extended active use. Whether you're skiing, cycling, or engaging in other outdoor activities, Anjan is built for versatility and endurance. Trust Anjan to be your partner for any adventure.

Experience unbeatable protection with Kall. Our wide frame shape provides superior coverage compared to other frames, with a tilt and shape that enhances peripheral protection for an optimized experience. Built for active use, Kall is the perfect partner for any adventure. Don't forget to pack Kall on your next outdoor excursion!

Discover the ultimate combination of style and performance with Enan. This classic frame is a true all-rounder, perfect for your everyday mission. Whether you're running down the trail or relaxing after a run, Enan has got you covered. Our lightweight and high-performing frame is made from planet-friendly biomaterials, so you can feel good about your purchase. Designed to keep you sharp, focused, and safe, Enan is built for extended active use.

Östra is a fully featured top-of-the-line goggle built in plant-based materials comes with magnetic lens exchange system for quick and hassle-free switches on the go. To prevent the optically precise cylindrical Zeiss lens from shooting out of your frame we’ve added a lock function at the sides to firmly secure it, you can’t trust magnets alone! Strap outriggers ensures a great fit with your helmet and an unsurpassed field of vision helps you spot that elusive landing during advanced spins or just to have full control of your surroundings during your ride.

We designed the Östra Large for those seeking a maximized field of vision along with the sleek, modern style of our most popular model. We have increased the measurements of the Östra with a few well engineered mil-limeters. Besides the benefits in visual range it also fits to bigger helmets and faces in a more streamlined way. The expanded design provides exceptional peripheral view in all directions and a seamless integration with most helmets.

Templet is developed with ski racing legend Ingemar Stenmark. He’s a fundamental part of the Spektrum Family and together we have built a goggle that has his six decades of skiing expertise baked into its very essence. Fusing his experience with our knowledge in product development and design it allows great peripheral vision, has a fantastic fit especially with a helmet. And no unnecessary parts that can potentially cause trouble.

Sylarna is ideal for medium to small faces, constructed in plant-based materials and with a slightly smaller fit than big-brother Östra. Featuring our magnetic lens exchange system for quick and instant-fit lens switches en route along with a lock function at the sides to firmly secure it to your frame. The premium spherical lens from Carl Zeiss Optics keeps your ride crystal clear and distortion free at all times and a snug fit to your helmet is provided via pivoting strap outriggers. Colour durability and depth of theframe is guaranteed by injected dye which means no paint that can be scratched off and it spares our workers and the environment from exposure to solvents

Huså is named after a hidden powder gem in the Åre mountains that attracts hordes of initiated locals after a storm, Huså is designed with a slightly smaller footprint and the hinged outriggers adapt the fit and pressure to your face for use with different kinds of helmets, or no helmet if you prefer. Available in a great variation of colors and executions in our most popular lines, there is surely a Huså for you.

The sustainable and plant-based Helags is built for ourselves and the most demanding mountain riders out there. The frame and plastic detailing are all made from plant-based materials and the strap consists of recycable polyes-ter. Helags is designed and developed in our back yard at Mount Åreskutan and is a magic union of style and function. The cylindrical dual lens will keep your vision distortion free and it will fit your face and helmet like a glove

Templet Junior is a down-sized version of our classic Templet frame adapted to fit modern junior helmets like a glove and provide a wide field of vision for safe riding. The cylindrical mirror lens gives a dis-tortion free reading of the terrain and the fit is adapted for the ergonom-ics of younger faces. Made in plant-based materials the original design is developed together with ski racing legend Ingemar Stenmark to provide a durable and hassle-free ride with optimized protection and vision.