Extra lens included Anti fog
Östra Bio Raw
Östra Bio Raw
Östra Bio Raw
Östra Bio Raw
Östra Bio Raw

Östra Bio Raw

SKU: 2017

269.00 EUR

Östra Bio RAW - 90% bio-based goggles. The ever-ongoing quest to make Spektrum products ever more sustainable was the spark that ignited the Östra Bio RAW concept. Applying our bio-based materials in their raw form without any dye or paint gives an undeniably honest and fundamentally natural appearance, beautifully contrasted by the striking, high performing and bio-based BIOptic gold lens. *Goggles made in 90% bio based materials
*Frame made in un-dyed bio-based material derived from castor oil *Details made in un-dyed bio-based plastic derived from castor oil
*BIOptic Polarized and bio-based (cellulose) lens with unique sandwich construction, brown tint for all-round/strong light conditions, VLT (Visual Light Transmission) 14% and 100% UV protection (UV400)
*Spare BIOptic Polarized and bio-based (cellulose) lens for poor light conditions with unique sandwich construction, VLT (Visual Light Transmission) 75% and 100% UV protection (UV400)
*Strap made in un-dyed hemp
*No dye or paint is used for environmental benefits and less chemical use
*Soft case for storage in recycled wool, made in Sweden
*Magnetic lens exchange system
*Perfect fit Tri-density face foam
*Helmet compatible by pivoting strap outriggers *Multi-layer mirror finish on lens
*Laser engraved logo on lens
*Goggle bag in recycled polyester

  • BIOptic Polarized REVO Gold , lens tint : Dark Brown , VLT : 14,39% , Cat 3 * Extra Lens : BIOptic Polarized Yellow * VLT : 75 % Category: S1
  • Anti fog


    Good ventilation

    Helmet compatible

    UV Protection

    Perfect fit


    Sustainable choice


    Magnetic lens

    Extra lens included

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Östra Bio Raw
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