The ever-ongoing quest to make Spektrum products ever more sustainable has led us to the use of bio-based materials derived from plants throughout our collections.

For our Performance Eyewear collection this means constructing our frames in oil extracted from the amazing castor bean. Our high-performance frames are made mainly from castor oil and reduces the overall CO2 emissions by an impressive 46% compared to conventional materials. The carbon in castor oil is also 100% derived from atmospheric CO2 and not from CO2 locked in ancient fossils. Our material is also lighter and more durable than comparable materials delivering increased performance and comfort.

Castor beans are a fantastic crop, able to thrive in meager soils where other plants won’t survive, or animals can graze. Our castor beans are fully traceable, sustainably grown in India and poses no competition with food, causes no deforestation, or use any GMO.

The Pragati Project, World’s First Sustainable Castor Bean Program.

The Pragati project was launched in May 2016 driven by a baseline survey of more than 1,000 castor farmers in Gujarat, India. The state that supplies the majority of the world’s castor demand. The goal of the project is to enable sustainable castor crop production by:

  •  Using good agricultural practices to increase yield and farmer income.
  •  Efficiently using water resources and maintaining soil fertility.
  •  Driving adoption of good waste management practices.
  •  Enabling better health and safety practices and respecting human rights.
  •  No forest areas are cleared or converted to grow castor beans.


Our suppliers are committed to the Paris climate agreement and partners of the Pragati Project in India.

The castor beans are grown in soil where plants for food won’t survive and they are also very drought resistant and they have no nutritional value.

Good agricultural practices, Better Water Management, Improved Waste Management, Respecting Human Rights.

No forest areas are cleared or converted to grow castor beans.

The castor beans we use are grown without any genetic engineering or modified fertilizer.


GMO or Genetically modified organism is is any organism whose genetic material has been altered by using genetic engineering techniques.  Genetically modified crops are publicly the most controversial of all the GMOs.

No GMO means that the castor beans we use in our products are all grown without any genetic engineering or modified fertilizer.

In 2009 the municipality of Åre declared itself GMO-free.



Spektrum’s frames are made of plant-based non-food derivates from corn. The details on our frames are made out non-food resin and castor bean derivates. 64% of the product is produced of plant based bio material and recyclable materials. Through our process they are modified into polymers and become pellets that are injected with color. The dye process ensures a superior durability and depth of colour for all our frames. This vastly improves colour performance, durability and scratch resistance. The process also spares workers and our environment from exposure to hazardous solvents and chemicals.



Our constant pursuit to make our products increasingly sustainable has resulted in us exclusively using bio-based materials.

For our Performance Eyewear collection, it means that we manufacture all our frames in a material made of oil extracted from the fantastic castor plant. Our high-performance frames are mainly manufactured by castor oil and reduce the total carbon dioxide emissions with as much as 46% compared to other conventional materials. The coal in castor oil 100% comes from carbon dioxide taken from the air, and not from using fossil fuels. Our material is also lighter and more sustainable than other comparable materials and provides increased performance and comfort.

Castor is a fantastic plant that thrives well in lean soils where other plants cannot survive, or where animals can graze. Our Castor beans are completely traceable and sustainably grown in India. The Castor bean does not compete with the cultivation of food and causes no forest logging, Nor is it used any gene modification to produce these crops.


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